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Because of the rapid development of Cyprus may not have enough qualified builders

Because of the rapid development of Cyprus may not have enough qualified builders

August 6 2018 LJ cover – Из-за бурной застройки Кипру может не хватить квалифицированных строителей
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By now, permits for the construction of 25 high-rise buildings have been issued in Cyprus and about 60 are still under negotiation.

Most skyscrapers are planned to be built in Limassol, the city that experienced the biggest problems with employment among construction industry workers after "blowing out the investment bubble" in 2008-2013. Both the developers themselves (unofficially), and the leaders of trade union organizations, express fears that the new rapid growth in the number of jobs can cause problems with the search for qualified personnel.

The situation is further complicated by the fact that due to the large volume of high-rise buildings, there are practically no qualified builders on the island that have the permits and qualifications for such works. According to the head of the Limassol branch of the Association of Builders Janis Markides in an interview with the Sunday Mail, there is already an acute shortage of workers of any construction specialties. Despite the cheerful reports of officials of major market players, the problem by now is becoming serious, capable of cooling the desperate heads of "New York in Cyprus" enthusiasts.

All local resources have almost been exhausted, and the issue of importing foreign workers is already directly in front of all the leading companies in the industry. After the "collapse" of the market in 2013, a part of the local builders retired without leading the young people to learn the secrets of skill, while the rest, remaining on the "minimally guaranteed income", a hidden form of dismissal with payment of the content, is in no hurry to return to work formally, preferring replenish the budget with earnings with payment in cash. Foreigners, either left Cyprus, or do not have the proper experience, and most importantly - knowledge of the language.

Another side of the growth in demand for real estate was the inability to find housing for foreign workers who agree to move long-term only with families. High rental prices lead employers to the need to organize regular transportation of workers from pathos and even Larnaca. The idea put forward by some recruiters about the luring of the Cypriots employed in the construction of the OAU is also questioned and even ridiculed, due to the difference in salary levels. So, from the beginning of this year, average salaries for construction have grown by only 10-15%, and it is difficult to imagine a person who refuses income of a qualified foreigner in the emirates.

Dmitry Vinitsky
Cyprus Butterfly
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