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How to protect yourself from a tick bite in Cyprus?

How to protect yourself from a tick bite in Cyprus?

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This year, mites appear in atypical habitats for them: city parks, sports fields, gardens.

In Cyprus, a tick-borne borreliosis, Lyme disease, is a dangerous disease transmitted with a tick bite. Increases in the population of this species are explained by a mild winter and climate change.

Migratory habitats:

  • Remote from the noise area with an abundance of shrubs and tall grass
  • creek

How to avoid a tick bite:

  • use light clothing, the mites are more visible on it
  • use long-sleeved clothes, trousers and socks (tuck your shirt in your trousers, and, if possible, thread the trousers under the socks of the socks)
  • treat clothes with repellent
  • When detecting ticks, remove them from their clothing before they get to the skin
  • Wash clothes at high temperature and iron it with an iron to kill those mites that can be on it
  • examine the skin for the presence of mites after a walk through the forest (be sure to check whether the underside of the mites underarms, in the groin and on the scalp)

What to do if the tick bites:

  • consult a doctor who will determine if you need to drink a course of antibiotics after a bite or not

If the tick stuck on the skin for a short time (less than 24 hours), then the chance of contracting Lyme disease is small.

Symptoms of Lyme disease in humans:

1. Rash - A tick bite site that looks like a red oval or a target. In the center of the target, there is a red spot that surrounds the transparent circle with the outer red ring.

2. Fatigue, headaches, dizziness, fever - symptoms of tick borreliosis in the initial stage are very similar to influenza.

A person should be alerted to a frequent desire to sleep in the daytime or sleep for an hour or two longer than usual.

3. Soreness, stiffness and swelling of the joints - pain can be felt in different places. Sometimes the knees can hurt, and then you can feel how the pain has moved to the neck or heels.

4. Night sweats and sleep disorders.

5. Decreased cognitive function.

A bacterium that causes Lyme disease or borreliosis affects the brain and cognitive functions. You should pay attention to the reduction of mental abilities, you can notice that it is difficult to concentrate in school or at work. There may be dips in the memory, which had not previously been observed. For example, it's hard to remember a familiar name.

6. Sensitivity to light.

You can notice that the bright light dazzles and causes discomfort. Because of the sensitivity to light, there may be a desire to wear glasses even in not very sunny weather.

7. Neurological problems.

In general, a person begins to experience some loss of balance or coordination. For example, it may be difficult to climb under a slight upward slope, a person can often stumble and fall, although previously this did not happen.

8. Heart diseases.

A bacterium that causes tick-borne borreliosis can affect the tissues of the heart and cause pain in the chest, weakness, dyspnea and heart palpitations. Inflammation caused by infection blocks the transmission of an electrical signal through the conduction system of the heart, because of which the heart beats irregularly.

9. Mood swings.

Lyme disease can affect mood. There is irritability, anxiety and depression.

If you notice that the child has become worse at school, he has mood swings, coordination skills or speech abilities, loss of appetite, it is worth paying attention to. In children, arthritis symptoms may appear more often than adults, and the knee joint is most often affected.

At an early stage, borreliosis is treated with antibiotics for three weeks. The disease is very difficult to diagnose, and it can manifest itself in different ways. The longer symptoms are observed, the harder it will be to treat Borrelia.

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