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Cyprus annually

Cyprus annually "exports" thousands of dogs

7 2018 June LJ cover – Кипр ежегодно
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Thousands of stray dogs go abroad every year, where they are sheltered by animal protection organizations. On this issue, the chairman of the Movement of Ecologists Giorgos Perdikis asked to present relevant data to the Parliament. He also asked the Minister of Agriculture Kostas Kadis to address the issue on the complaint, according to which often as stray dogs sent to the lost or stolen dogs abroad.

According to the data submitted to Parliament in the letter of the Minister of Agriculture Costas Cadiz from 29 May 2018, over the past three years, 10 850 dogs were sent abroad: 2015 dogs in 2858 year, 2016 dogs in 3703 and 2017 dogs in 4289. Most of them were from the suburbs of Limassol - 3 963 dogs. Then follow the suburb of Nicosia - 2694 dogs, the suburb of Famagusta - 1560 dogs, the suburb of Pafos - 1403 dogs, the suburbs of Larnaca - 1230 dogs. Most of these dogs are in the UK and Germany.

According to Cadiz, sending dogs abroad is carried out under the supervision of the Veterinary Services of Cyprus. Once the dog moves from one country to another, without the owner or the person authorized by him, then this act is considered a commercial step. For such movements of animals, it is required to carry out the control in the electronic system TRACES (Trade Control and Expert System). The online record lists information about the sender, the recipient, the number of animals, and the date of sending. Also, every animal must have a health certificate.

To issue a certificate, the veterinarian must conduct an examination within 48 hours before the animal is sent. The animal must be accompanied by a European Union passport. The passport confirms that the dog is not infected with the rabies virus, it is chipped and vaccinated. The cost of certification for each animal is 34,17 euro.

Elena Savchenko
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