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Cyprus - one of the leaders of the EU in the number of families with children

Cyprus - one of the leaders of the EU in the number of families with children

11 2018 June LJ cover – Кипр – один из лидеров ЕС по числу семей с детьми
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According to Eurostat, published in early June, only 30% of European families currently have under-age children. So, by the end of 2017, there were 220 million families in the European Union, and 65,4 million of them have children.

Among the EU member states, the highest proportion of families with children is registered in Ireland (40%), second place is shared by Cyprus and Poland (37%), followed by Slovakia (36%), Portugal and Romania (35%). Germany and Finland in this respect occupy the last place - in both states only in 22% families have children. A little higher this indicator in Bulgaria (25%), Austria (26%) and Sweden (27%).

At the EU level, almost half of all families 47% have only one child, and in 40% of families there are two children. Three children or more live in 13% of families.

The most large countries are Ireland (26%), Belgium and Finland (19%), France (18%) and Great Britain (17%). At the very last place in the number of children in families is Bulgaria (5%).

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