Today: March 26 2019
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Cyprus opened the 4 visa center in the UK

Cyprus opened the 4 visa center in the UK

1 2018 June LJ cover – Кипр открыл 4 визовых центра в Великобритании
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Due to the fact that 2 years ago, UK residents voted to withdraw from the European Union, this month the Cyprus embassy with the participation of VFS Global opened immediately the 4 visa center in the territory of the United Kingdom. To date, visa centers have appeared in London, Manchester, Edinburgh and Cardiff.

A representative of VFS Global explained that although UK citizens are not required to obtain a visa for a tourist trip of less than 90 days, a rather large percentage of Britons spend more time in Cyprus. Also, visa centers will help foreign citizens residing in the UK to obtain a visa for a shorter period.

The relevance of this issue is due to the fact that Britain has traditionally been the largest source of inbound tourism for Cyprus, which receives a large number of British immigrants, including: pensioners and home buyers.

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