Today: March 22 2019
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Cyprus suffered a "glowing" weekend

Cyprus suffered a "glowing" weekend

12 2018 June LJ cover – Кипр перенес «пылающие» выходные
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The season of fires in Cyprus continues. In the period from 6: 00 8 June on 6: 00 11 June the fire service of Cyprus received about 120 calls, 71 of which concerned fires.

According to the statement, most of the fires were associated with the burning of dry grass and wild vegetation. The main cause of ignition remains the detail of the person.

The largest fire occurred in the village of Galata in the Paphos area. Firefighters and two vehicles of the Department of Forestry, as well as three mobile fire fighting services of the Department of Hunting, jointly fought with the elements. The fire destroyed an area of ​​three hectares. Arson is the main version of the police, which continues the investigation.

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