Today: March 18 2019
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Cyprus is poorly suited to the work and life of migrants

Cyprus is poorly suited to the work and life of migrants

24 May 2018 LJ cover – Кипр плохо подходит для работы и жизни мигрантов
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Cyprus turned out to be 51 from the 65 countries in terms of a poor balance between work and life in the survey, which is considering working abroad.

According to survey, held by Expat Insider (ascending) Denmark, Bahrain, Norway, Czech Republic, New Zealand, Sweden, Costa Rica, the Netherlands, Oman and Malta offer the best balance for work.

The worst countries were Japan 60, Kuwait, Italy, Greece, Hong Kong, Chile, India, Israel, Peru, South Korea, Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Cyprus at 51. Russia occupies 50 place.

On a global scale, expats working full-time spend an average of 44,3 hours per week at work: about three of them are satisfied with their balance between work and life (60 percent) and their working time (61 percent), the report says. .

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