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Cyprus is the last EU country that does not listen to its citizens

Cyprus is the last EU country that does not listen to its citizens

31 May 2018 LJ cover – Кипр – последняя страна ЕС, не прослушивающая своих граждан
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On Wednesday, 30 May, the head of the Ministry of Justice and Public Order of the Republic of Cyprus, Jonas Nicolaou, addressed parliamentarians with a call to approve a bill allowing the police to listen to suspects in committing serious crimes or preparing for them. According to the Minister, Cyprus is the only EU country in which the law on wiretapping has not yet been passed.

This is a tool used by 27 member countries of the European Union to investigate serious criminal offenses, "the head of the Justice Ministry explained. - In some cases, concerning national security, this is done even without a court warrant. Cyprus is the only EU country that does not provide such an opportunity to its law enforcement agencies.

Jonas Nicolaou explained that after the adoption of the bill, the police will have an effective way to deal with crime, especially with the supply and distribution of drugs, which are the main source of income for organized crime. The law will also help to improve the level of security in the country.

On the question of deputies about whether the adoption of the document on wiretapping will help to identify, detain and bring to criminal responsibility the leaders of organized criminal groups, the head of the Ministry of Justice replied that the police can more effectively investigate crimes and identify their initiators and customers.

Against the adoption of the bill is the main opposition party AKEL. According to Andros Kyprianou, Secretary General of the Labor Party, the Cypriot police have enough funds, tools and human resources to fight crime, which it does not fully use.

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