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Cypriots rescued Russian tourists from a flooded bus

Cypriots rescued Russian tourists from a flooded bus

2 2018 June LJ cover – Киприоты спасли российских туристов из подтопленного автобуса
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A minibus with eight tourists from Russia was stuck in the village of Meniko in the middle of the Serrahis River, which emerged during a downpour from the coast. The villagers came to help the Russians. They managed to take out children in their hands, and the rescuers arrived a little later rescued from the stunned minivan of adults.

As reported by The Reporter referring to the head of the village community of Andreas Kalogiru, during a heavy rain, the Serrakhis River turned into a raging current. Residents of Menico, located 20 km to the west of Nicosia next to the buffer zone, saw a small tourist bus from a distance.

We shouted to them and gave signals so that they did not enter the water, "said the filmarchist.

However, the bus driver still tried to cross the river and got stuck.

To the place of emergency, a permanent resident of Meniko, who speaks Russian, was called. She helped with the translation.

In our village water flooded four houses, and we have already called rescue services. We waited, when they will arrive, - explained Andreas Kalogiru. - We learned that there are small children on the bus, and were alarmed. Two villagers and I entered a stormy stream and carried children out of the bus.

Adults later rescued from the water captivity arrived rescuers.

Typically, tourists come to Meniko for the sake of visiting the church of the martyrs Cyprian and Justinia.

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