Today: 24 May 2019
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It's time for Cyprus to change the laws for adoption

It's time for Cyprus to change the laws for adoption

24 May 2018 | A source: Russian Media Group
Tags: Cyprus, Children, Laws

Currently in Cyprus 157 children do not live with their parents. 85 of them are temporarily or permanently transferred to foster families, 72 children are in a specialized children's center. Social services took them from biological parents because children in families were abused or lived in unsuitable household and psychological conditions.

On Monday, 21 May, in the Parliament of Cyprus on the initiative of MP Stella Kiriakidu, amendments to the law on the adoption and stay of children in foster families were discussed. The existing legislation is obsolete and does not provide for many possible situations.

At the same time, the applications of 111 foster families that wish to take a child who has been left without parental care temporarily or permanently have been approved. The state pays such families benefits and provides a number of benefits.

Another 222 living in Cyprus without parents of a child - these are small refugees who arrived on the island, fleeing the war in their countries. Their parents died or disappeared along the way, or they paid all the money they had to smugglers carrying people, so that they would take their children out of the war zone.

Stella Kiriakidu stressed that it is extremely important to transfer the children in the orphanage to foster families as soon as possible, as this has a beneficial effect on their mental and physical condition and allows them to grow in a supportive environment surrounded by love and care.

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