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Crocodile issue continues to torment Cyprus

Crocodile issue continues to torment Cyprus

10 May 2018 LJ cover – «Крокодилий вопрос» продолжает терзать Кипр
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Auditor General of Cyprus Odysseas Michaelidis questioned the intentions of investors TSA Crockopark. He argues that in the developers' plans - to expand the park to the farm and realize their right to trade in products in the EU.

In the report on the controversial issue, the State Control said that his conclusions are based on assumptions related to gaps in the existing legislation on creating theme parks.

Despite the fact that the bill providing for the creation of a crocodile park has already been sent for review and discussion, the Ministry of Agriculture acknowledged that no relevant expertise was conducted. The report mentions that several government services recognized the lack of experience in implementing similar projects and used "information obtained through online research." Also in Cyprus there are no specialists with experience in breeding crocodiles and providing them with medical care, which means that civil service will not be able to carry out inspections. In this regard, the consent given by the investor from a private veterinarian to supervise park animals is also questionable.

A large number of crocodiles - more than 1 000 individuals, originally proposed by the investor - does not meet the goals of the theme park, the report says. To monitor the animals will be enough 170-220 reptiles, I'm sure Michaelidis.

The purpose of the company, according to the general auditor, is to transport all crocodiles currently on a farm in Israel to Cyprus. It is unclear what happened to the park in Israel: whether it functions, and if not, for what reasons.

Also in the description of the project there is no feasibility study, and this raises questions about the sustainability of its development. If the park goes bankrupt, the state will have to decide the fate of thousands of crocodiles left unattended.

Odysseus Michaelis finished his report by the council not to trust the investor and in connection with the information that is under the jurisdiction of the tax service. The company provided incomplete information about its financial activities, which is subject to verification.

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