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In summer, Cyprus switches to an online tax payment system

In summer, Cyprus switches to an online tax payment system

14 May 2018 LJ cover – Летом Кипр переходит на онлайн систему оплаты налогов
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Taxes in Cyprus will need to be processed through an online service. The law will enter into force 1 June this year and will facilitate the work of the tax service. Also, citizens themselves will be more convenient to file declarations electronically. In order to account for taxes, you will need to register on the site and fill in the declaration. Now the authorities are engaged in developing the most understandable and simple section of the site concerning taxation.

It is expected that the tax section on the site will include questionnaires for declarations for all activities. Now through the offices of the tax service it will be possible to make very few actions - basically, a personal presence in the office will be necessary when making corrections to an already submitted tax return. You can also apply to the regional tax offices for help, writes InBusinessNews.

The site JCCsmart is a convenient Internet portal for registration of public services. In particular, it can extend the driver's license and hunting license, apply to the police, and also make an application to the company of communications Cyta, cellular operators and energy company EAC. By the deadline, 1 June, there will be an improved section on taxes.

Irina Zhmaeva
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