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Limassol leaders in the consumption of drugs in Cyprus

Limassol leaders in the consumption of drugs in Cyprus

8 2018 June LJ cover – Лимассол в лидерах по потреблению наркотиков на Кипре
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Cyprus cities were listed among European cities with the highest level of methamphetamine found in sewage. At the same time, the levels of amphetamine and MDMA remain lower than those registered in most other cities participating in the study. These data appeared as a result of a European study that ended on Thursday.

According to the latest report of the European Monitoring Center for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA), in Limassol, a higher level of remnants of these medicines is observed on weekends. On weekdays the level is much lower. At the same time in Nicosia, the level of drugs in wastewater at weekends and weekdays is lower than in Limassol.

It should be noted that Nicosia and Limassol take part in campaigns on wastewater treatment every year. They are carried out by the Group for the Analysis of Wastewater in Europe (SCORE). With regard to the latest study, it presents data on drug use at the municipal level.

According to the EMCDDA report, cannabis remains the most common drug in Cyprus. So, approximately one of 10 people aged from 15 to 64 years, at least once used this drug. At the same time, men use drugs more often than women. The use of other types of narcotic drugs is less common on the island.

Concerning the treatment of wastewater in Cyprus, the representative of EMCDDA stated that from this year the analysis of waters will be expanded in all areas of the island. This is due to the fact that authorities are concerned about methamphetamine use by residents. When asked about the appearance of drugs on the island, the representative replied that most of them were transported on flights, but sometimes sea routes were also used. Also, new psychoactive substances mainly enter the country through postal services.

Elena Savchenko
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