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Mayor of the Cypriot capital tired of noisy institutions

Mayor of the Cypriot capital tired of noisy institutions

3 2018 June LJ cover – Мэр кипрской столицы устал от шумных заведений
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The mayor of Nicosia, Constantinos Yorkagis, called on the authorities to deal with those who are responsible for fighting the noise from bars and other institutions in the capital.

In his open letter, Yorkage reports that noise pollution in Cyprus is a problem not only for Ayia Napa and other resort towns. From the noise of recreation centers, restaurants, clubs and outdoor dance floors suffer tourists and locals. The lack of tools to combat the "loud enemy" negatively affects the health and comfort of the local population, reduces the quality of life, worsens the attitude towards the city, and "creates a number of other significant complications that need to be taken into account," the mayor said.

The inability to deal effectively with noise pollution can even lead to the extinction of entire urban areas, because the population can leave them.

Yorkagis added that the mayors of tourist zones have repeatedly noted the negative effects of noise pollution for tourism. Neighboring tourist destinations in the Mediterranean, for example, Spain, have already begun to take strict measures in this regard.

"The notorious 2007 law of the year, as amended by 2016, did not solve the problem, but only aggravated the situation. Unfortunately, due to the understaffed police and confusion about who is responsible for what, the law does not work. This already creates an impression among citizens that the Cypriot authorities can not defeat anarchy in their daily lives, "Yorkmis concluded.

The head of the city added that he repeatedly appealed to the police leadership, asking to find an opportunity to increase the intensity of police operations and checks in the evening. He also broadcast video and audio recordings of "noise" violations, which he witnessed, which were not considered. The mayor also appealed for help to the Minister of Justice, the Prosecutor General and the Auditor General, suggesting the creation of an accelerated procedure for responding to violations, especially in cases where amusement institutions work without the necessary permits.

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