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The Cypriot Maritime Police rescued tourists

The Cypriot Maritime Police rescued tourists

July 12 2018 | A source: EVROPAKIPR
Tags: Cyprus, Incidents, Police, Tourism, Larnaca, The Sea

On Tuesday evening, the Maritime Police of the Republic of Cyprus rescued the family with two children. The tourists went for a swim in the sea, but because of the strong wind they could not return to the shore on their own.

In 19: 50, the rescue service received information about people at sea who can not reach the shore in the Oroklini area (Larnaka). To help them was sent a boat of the Marine Police.

First rescuers found a kilometer from the beach of his father with an 8-year-old daughter on a surfboard. A little later they managed to find in 500 meters from this place the mother in a state of panic with an 5-year-old daughter who kept themselves on the surface thanks to the inflatable circle.

All members of the family were dehydrated and dehydrated, since they spent several hours at sea. The rescued adults and children were taken to the shore, where they received first aid. All four feel good.

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