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A regular group of refugees arrived in Cyprus

A regular group of refugees arrived in Cyprus

14 2018 June | A source: EVROPAKIPR
Tags: Cyprus, Refugees, Migration

In 21: 45 Wednesday, 13 June, a new group of refugees arrived in Cyprus. According to SigmaLive, a boat with migrants came to Kato Pirgos. According to preliminary data, on its board 56 Syrians: one woman and 55 men aged 18 to 40 years.

The arrivals claim that they arrived from Turkish Antalya, and the smugglers, whom they paid money for shipping to Cyprus, left the ship in 18: 00. Refugees were fed and given blankets to them. They spent the night in Polis, and on Thursday they will be taken to the camp in Kokkinotrimitia.

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