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Cyprus prepares new laws on medicines

Cyprus prepares new laws on medicines

6 2018 June LJ cover – На Кипре готовят новые законы о лекарствах
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At present, the procedure for changing health insurance has begun. The changes also apply to pharmaceuticals. Thus, the All-Cyprus Association of Pharmacists has already prepared four draft laws that amend the existing laws, adapting their provisions to the requirements of the General Health Plan.

Four legislative acts, prepared after consultations between the Ministry of Health and the Health Insurance Organization, include provisions on the electronic prescription of medicines by doctors. This includes the implementation of prescriptions by pharmacists through the Health Insurance Agency software. It also contains provisions that pharmacists will have to offer patients cheaper drug analogues than those listed in the prescription.

All comments and suggestions of interested parties regarding new bills should be provided to the Association before June NUMX. Further bills will be transferred to the Legal Service of the necessary legislative control. After this, the documents will be submitted to the Cabinet of Ministers for approval. The last instance is the Parliament.

Given that the medicines are included in the first phase of the overall health system, which begins exactly one year later, the procedures must be completed immediately. Also, preparations for connecting pharmacists and pharmacies to the General Health Plan should begin next fall.

Elena Savchenko
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