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In Cyprus and other Mediterranean resorts increased terrorist danger

In Cyprus and other Mediterranean resorts increased terrorist danger

July 17 2018 LJ cover – На Кипре и других средиземноморских курортах возросла террористическая опасность
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British authorities reported on the upcoming series of terrorist attacks in the Mediterranean resorts. The Spanish, Greek, Turkish and Cypriot coasts, as well as part of the British territory, may be under attack.

Training is engaged in one of the most wanted British-born terrorists, Samantha Lietuwait. The press dubbed her the "White Widow", as she was married to the suicide bomber J. Lindsey, who blew up a subway train in 2005 and killed 26 people. "White Widow" recruited a group of 30 terrorists, women are ready to blow themselves up in crowded places of European resorts in the name of the triumph of Islam.

Now the anti-terrorist groups are trying to find the "White Widow" herself and her minions in order to prevent monstrous tragedies.

The inhabitants of Cyprus need to be as vigilant and at the slightest suspicion to contact the police. Here is Samantha Luitewait herself (34 years):

"White Widow" by Samantha Lietuwait (34 year)

The British authorities have information that they could penetrate into the territory of Europe under the guise of refugees from Africa. In fact, they belong to the terrorist group Al-Shabab, and now the main task is to neutralize them.

The former British baby-child

Samantha was born in a respectable British family. She could grow up an ordinary Englishwoman, but fate decreed otherwise. Her parents divorced when she was a child, and Samantha's belief in a Christian marriage collapsed. Personal observations have prompted her that Islam is a stronger foundation for family happiness. Therefore, in adolescence, she converted to Islam and took on a new name - Sherafiya. A little later, she married the British-Islamist Lindsey, and after his death left for Somalia.

There she began recruiting and training terrorists of the Al-Shabab group. The former British citizen successfully produced several major terrorist acts, one of the loudest occurred in September 2013 in the shopping center of the Kenyan capital Nairobi. Then, about 60 people suffered.

False and elusive

Samantha was repeatedly declared dead, but every time she "rose from the dead." The last loud hearing about her death was in 2014 year. Allegedly the woman participated in military operations in the Donbass, and she was killed during the next operation. This was believed for a very long time, and the media celebrated the victory over the elusive terrorist.

However, soon the name of the "White Widow" was again announced and it began to be searched all over the world with new forces. Now for the murder or capture of Samantha Liutuyte, several states promise a great reward. For example, the authorities of Ukraine are ready to pay 1 million dollars for the "White Widow", the US offers 5 million dollars.

However, meanwhile, the mother of three children, dangerous, intelligent and elusive Samantha-Sherafiya is at liberty, developing the next plan for a terrorist attack.

Irina Zholnirova
Cyprus Butterfly
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