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In Cyprus for the waste of water you can go to jail

In Cyprus for the waste of water you can go to jail

7 2018 June LJ cover – На Кипре за растрату воды можно попасть в тюрьму
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The water supply department of Larnaka decided to seriously take up those who spend fresh water for nothing - watering her sidewalk near the house or washes the car.

In its official statement, the city service recalls that a prolonged drought negatively affects the water resources of Cyprus. The available stocks are not enough to cover all the needs of the population. That is why the government imposed a restriction on the use of water for irrigation. The authorities of Larnaka emphasize that while the reduction of water supply does not apply to households, however, it is necessary to save water.

The city is obliged to conscientiously implement the law on the conservation of water resources, which prohibits the use of water for households to water sidewalks, roads, stairs, balconies or cars.

Violators will be charged with a criminal offense. In case of detection of guilt, punishment may be sent in the form of conviction for up to three months and / or a fine of 513 euro. Also the issue can be settled pre-judicial procedure by paying a fine of 51 euro on the spot.

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