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In Cyprus, very few eco-friendly cars

In Cyprus, very few eco-friendly cars

7 2018 June | A source: VC
Tags: Cyprus, Transport, Ecology, Statistics, EU

Cyprus needs a lot of work to achieve the goal set by the EU. According to the European directive, by 2020 year 10% of cars should switch to renewable energy sources. However, data from the Department of Energy indicate that by the middle of the year 2018 in Cyprus there are only 2,4% of cars that meet these requirements.

Failure to achieve the goal of the EU can lead to the imposition of fines on the state, the burden of which will fall on consumers. Representatives of the Ministry of Energy 5 June released a plan for renewable energy sources for the period up to 2020. According to him, Cyprus can reach the level of 10% in providing the transport sector with alternative energy. This will require the acceleration of a number of processes, as well as a massive investment in the transport industry.

However, according to officials, the overall goal for renewable sources - 13% to 2020 year - can be achieved solely through more active introduction of alternative energy in other sectors of the economy.

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