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Cyprus has the second largest natural population growth in the EU

Cyprus has the second largest natural population growth in the EU

July 12 2018 LJ cover – На Кипре отмечен второй по численности естественный прирост населения в ЕС
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In 2017, Cyprus registered 10,7 births and 7 deaths for every 1 000 inhabitants. The cumulative natural growth rate reached the mark of 3,8 ‰, which puts Cyprus in second place in the EU. About this 11 July, said the European statistics service Eurostat.

The most positive changes are observed in the total population growth rate in Ireland (+ 6,6 ‰). In third place is Luxembourg (+ 3,2 ‰), followed by France (+ 2,5 ‰), Sweden (+ 2,3 ‰) and Great Britain (+ 2,2 ‰).

On the contrary, 14 of the EU member states showed a negative trend: the mortality rate in them exceeds the birth rate. This is Bulgaria (-6,5 ‰), Croatia and Latvia (both -4,1 ‰), Lithuania (-4 ‰), Hungary (-3,8 ‰), Romania (-3,6 ‰), Greece (-3,3 ‰) and Italy -3,2 ‰).

As of 1 January 2018, the population of the European Union is estimated at 512,6 million people compared to 511,5 million a year earlier. According to Eurostat, in general, in the EU in 2017, more deaths were registered than births (5,3 million in relation to 5,1 million), which means that the total natural growth rate in the EU was negative. At the EU level, the birth rate was 9,9 children per 1 000 inhabitants.

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