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In Cyprus snakes have woken up - be careful!

In Cyprus snakes have woken up - be careful!

April 5 2018 LJ cover – На Кипре проснулись змеи – будьте внимательны!
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Cypriot social networks are "teeming" with photos of dead reptiles. The warm weather made the snakes crawl out of their holes in search of water and food.

Forest officer Haris Nikolaou asserts that the population should not panic. If, suddenly, you saw a snake, you need to call a fire service.

Snakes attack, in case they are in danger. They are wary of a person, and will not chase you if you just walk around the snake side.

For walks in nature, it is recommended to wear closed shoes and trousers.

National legislation on the killing of snakes is particularly stringent. In particular, for the murder of a reptile, imprisonment for up to three years, or a fine of 17 000 euros, may be imposed.

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