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In Cyprus, fewer beaches with a blue flag

In Cyprus, fewer beaches with a blue flag

27 May 2018 | A source: EVROPAKIPR
Tags: Cyprus, Tourism, Beach

In 2018 the right to hang out on their flagpoles "Blue Flags" received 59 beaches of Cyprus and one marina. "Blue Flag" - three blue waves in a white circle on a blue (blue) background - this is a kind of international sign of environmental quality, awarded for matching 27 beach criteria.

The presence of the "Blue Flag" on the beach means at least that ...

  • The state of water meets all sanitary standards
  • near there are no industrial discharges in the sea
  • Bathing animals is prohibited.
  • there are buoys, fenced areas for swimming and water sports
  • The coast is cleaned daily
  • There are urns and placards with rules of conduct
  • To the water there is a convenient and safe descent
  • there are lifeguards on the shore

Checking the status of 27 parameters is possible at any time during the swimming season. The flag can be removed if at least one of the norms is not maintained at the proper level. The award is issued for one season, in the next all the standards are checked anew.

The Blue Flag was established by the International Foundation for Environmental Education in Europe (FEE), operating under the patronage of the European Commission. In 2018, FEE awarded the "Blue Flag" 4554 beaches, harbors and tourist vessels in 45 countries in Europe, South Africa, New Zealand, Canada and the Caribbean. The greatest number of awards was won by Spain (674) and Greece (523).

The solemn ceremony of raising the "Blue Flag" over the beach this year was decided to be held in Paphos 31 in May in the presence of the Minister of Agriculture and Environmental Protection of the Republic of Cyprus Kostas Kadisa. In 2018, the awards for cleanliness and safety were awarded to 16 beaches in the Paphos region, which, in addition to the pathos, include the beaches of Geroskipou, Polis and Peyia.

This year, the island of Aphrodite passed its positions: 2017 "Blue Flags" fluttered over the beaches of Cyprus in 63. The list excludes the beaches of Castella in Larnaca, Katsarga and Loukos tou Mandi in Ayia Napa, Faros in Pervol.

Map of beaches with the Blue Flag

List of Cyprus beaches with the Blue Flag

  1. Dassoudi (camping Polis)
  2. Polis Municipal Beach
  3. Souli (Neo Chorio)
  4. Chalavro (Neo Chorio)
  5. Xistarokambos (Neo Chorio)
  6. Laourou (Peyia)
  7. Coral Bay (Peyia)
  8. Pachyammos 1, Geroskipou Municipality
  9. Faros (Pafos)
  10. Municipal Baths (Pafos)
  11. Alykes (Pafos)
  12. Vrysoudia B (Pafos)
  13. Vrysoudia A (Pafos)
  14. Pachyammos (Pafos)
  15. Pachyammos 2 (Geroskipou)
  16. Geroskipou (Geroskipou)
  17. Pissouri (Pissouri)
  18. Curium (Episkopi)
  19. Akti Olympion A (Limassol)
  20. Akti Olympion B (Limassol)
  21. Miami (Agios Athanasos)
  22. Dassoudi (Yermasoyia)
  23. Castella (Agios Tychonas)
  24. Armonia (Agios Tychonas)
  25. Aphrodite (Agios Tychonas)
  26. Vouppa (Agios Tychonas)
  27. Loures (Agios Tychonas)
  28. Santa Barbara (Agios Tychonas)
  29. Parekklesia (Parekklesia)
  30. Panagies (Pyrgos)
  31. Aoratoi (Pyrgos)
  32. Governor's Beach (Pentakomo)
  33. Kalymnos (Pentakomo)
  34. Mckenzie (Larnaka)
  35. Phinikoudes (Larnaka)
  36. Kaphizis (Pegeia)
  37. Yanathes (Voroclini)
  38. Ayia Thekla (Agia Napa)
  39. Macronissos (Agia Napa)
  40. Landa (Agia Napa)
  41. Nissi Bay (Agia Napa)
  42. Nissi (Agia Napa)
  43. Vathia Gonia (Agia Napa)
  44. Pernera A (Agia Napa)
  45. Pantahou (Agia Napa)
  46. Gliki Nero (Agia Napa)
  47. Ammos tou Kampouri (Agia Napa)
  48. Kermia-Limnara (Agia Napa)
  49. Konnos (Agia Napa)
  50. Nissia Loumbardi (Paralimni)
  51. Protaras (Paralimni)
  52. Vrisi A (Paralimni)
  53. Vrisi B (Paralimni)
  54. Vrisi C (Paralimni)
  55. Pernera P (Paralimni)
  56. Louma (Paralimni)
  57. Ayia Triada (Paralimni)
  58. Kappari (Paralimni)
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