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In Cyprus, the sirens sounded again. Today, a plane-monument will be opened

In Cyprus, the sirens sounded again. Today, a plane-monument will be opened

July 20 2018 | A source: EVROPAKIPR
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In 5: 30 on Friday morning, 20 July, in the Republic of Cyprus again sounded sirens. 44 years ago in Kerinia on the northern coast of the island began the landing of the Turkish military. Until now, 37% of the island are under the control of the Turkish army. On Friday morning in Nicosia, the ceremony of opening a monument airplane, established in honor of the Greek military, arrived to help the Greek Cypriots in July 1974.

How was it?

At dawn 20 July 1974 under the pretext of protecting the Turkish community and the impossibility of a peaceful settlement of the conflict that arose from the coup supported by the Greek "black colonels", the Turkish government introduced its troops to Cyprus. Near 30 ships and boats, having made the transition from the Turkish port of Mersin, began the landing of the sea assault in 5-7 km west of Kerinia. To the south of the city were dropped Turkish airborne assault forces.

К исходу дня на Кипр было переброшено до 6000 военнослужащих, а в последующие несколько дней численность турецкого корпуса была доведена до 40 тысяч человек, — Recalls РИА Новости. — На вооружении у них было 300 танков, 1000 БТР и много другой боевой техники. Развивая наступление на Никосию, турецкие войска вели напряженные бои с частями Национальной гвардии Кипра, широко применяли танки, артиллерию и авиацию.

Ships of the Turkish Navy blocked the southern ports of the island - Limassol and Paphos, prohibiting the transfer of Greek troops by sea. Greek ships, landing and transport vessels 21 July in the Paphos area were attacked by Turkish aircraft and ships and suffered heavy losses during the sea battle. By the end of 21 July Turkish forces seized Kerinia, established control over the road Kerinia-Nicosia, seized the capital airport and began fighting in the northern outskirts of Nicosia.

UN Security Council called on Turkey to withdraw troops from Cyprus

20 июля 1974 года в ходе внеочередного заседания Of the UN Security Council его члены потребовали:

  • to restore the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Cyprus, the constitutional order and the legitimate government of the Republic,
  • stop shooting,
  • withdraw foreign troops from the island.

The UN Security Council called on Greece, Turkey and Britain to begin peace talks on Cyprus.

The Tragedy of NIKI4

22 July 1974 year in Cyprus as part of Operation Niki ("Victory") from Crete, 15 military aircraft with Greek paratroopers were sent. One of the three sides that fell under the fire of Greek Cypriots, crashed on the heights of Macedonitis in front of the airport of Nicosia.

Military aircraft-monument Noratlas, in honor of the memory of those killed in 1974 Greek paratroopers

44 years later

In the morning of 20 July, 2018, the ceremony of opening a monument-monument, which is a copy of the Noratlas military liner shot down over the capital 22 July 1974, will take place at the memorial complex in Macedonitis. Thus, the Republic of Cyprus decided to honor the memory of 28 Greek special forces killed 44 a year ago.

The monument was erected on the site of the Noratlas wreck. The opening ceremony will be attended by the President of the Republic of Cyprus Nikos Anastasiadis, the Minister of Defense of Greece Panos Kammenos, the relatives of the victims of the Greek wars, as well as the participants of the 1974 fighting in Cyprus.

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