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In Cyprus, fines for irresponsible employers

In Cyprus, fines for irresponsible employers

July 5 2018 LJ cover – На Кипре выросли штрафы для безответственных работодателей
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The Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Cyprus approved on Wednesday, 4 July, more severe fines for employers who do not provide proper work safety. This happened two days after the death of 42-year-old employee of the electrification department of Yergos Georgiou in Larnaka.

In 8: 15 on Monday morning, 2 July, he cut off on the street Tiernavu branches of trees, interfering with electricity poles. The cabin in which the worker was, suddenly collapsed from a height of four meters. The man hit his head on the asphalt.

And although he was immediately taken to the Central Hospital of Larnaka (before her from the place of PE less than a kilometer), doctors were forced to ascertain death. Yorgos had three children aged 6, 14 and 18 years old. On Wednesday, he was buried.

According to The Cyprus Mail, amendments to the legislation have been thoroughly studied and approved by the Labor Inspection Service, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Federation of Employers and Trade Unions PEO, SEK and DEOK.

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