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In Cyprus, detained a former Russian official

In Cyprus, detained a former Russian official

7 2018 June LJ cover – На Кипре задержана бывшая российская чиновница
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The source reported on the detention of former Russian officials in Cyprus

The former official of Rossotrudnichestvo Marina Solinova was detained in Cyprus at the request of Russia, where she was accused in absentia of frauds with state contracts, told RIA Novosti on Thursday a source familiar with the situation.

"A few days ago she was detained in Cyprus and arrested for 40 days, during this time the question of her extradition should be decided," the source said.

According to him, the detention was conducted by the traffic police, and everything turned out completely by accident. "Her car was stopped on the road, checked the documents, and it turned out that she was listed in Interpol's database," he explained.

Solinova is accused of fraud in concluding state contracts. Earlier, the Meshchansky Court of Moscow in absentia issued a warrant for her arrest and an announcement on the international wanted list.

According to the court, in October 2017 a decision was made against Solinova to prosecute as two defendants in two large swindles.

The plot of the charges is still unclear, but, judging by the article, the former official faces up to ten years of imprisonment. Whether she pleads guilty, is not informed.

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