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On the coast of Paphos, a yacht

On the coast of Paphos, a yacht

July 3 2018 LJ cover – На побережье Пафоса выбросило яхту
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Several unlucky sailors decided to go on a yacht this weekend in the Paphos waters.

But, not having coped with impulses of a wind, have been taken out on a bank where the yacht and has turned over. It should be noted that just in these places, between Faros and Harbour, the most insidious underwater reefs and stones, which are not visible from the sea, and inexperienced seafarers are not the first to approach too close to the shore, without knowing about it. Remember at least the history of eight years ago with a yacht that broke in the same places with a Russian family.

While the yacht lies on the beach, many desperate tourists want to capture themselves against the backdrop of sunset.

And parents with children come to look at the boat near and tell them about sea travel and the dangers trapped in the sea.

By the way, long-term storage of funds in an improper place is prohibited by law and can lead to serious fines. In addition, lifting and towing a yacht to a temporary storage site, as well as guarding it from onlookers and vandals - can also cost a tidy sum to the owners.

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