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At the weekend, the XIIIth Cyprus-Russia Festival will be held

At the weekend, the XIIIth Cyprus-Russia Festival will be held

31 May 2018 | A source: Cyprus Butterfly |Автор: Кэтти Пэйдж
Tags: Cyprus, Russian in Cyprus, Society, Events

2 and 3 June in Cyprus in Limassol will be the XIII Cyprus-Russia Festival 2018, organized by the newspaper "Herald of Cyprus" with the support of the Embassy of Russia and the City Hall of Limassol.

This holiday was recognized as the largest in Europe festival of friendship with Russia: in 2016 almost one and a half thousand professional and amateur actors took part in it.

The idea of ​​the Cyprus-Russian festival was born in 2005 year. It was then that the "Herald of Cyprus" for the first time in the history of the island celebrated Victory Day on the embankment of Limassol. Now the Cyprus-Russian festival has grown into a very real holiday of friendship of peoples!

Celebratory concerts will be held on the main and small stages of the festival. Before the visitors will perform students of dance, music and sports schools, artists of the original genre, popular Russian, Greek and Cypriot singers, amateur and professional creative groups.

More than 100 companies and participants for two will work at the traditional fair of the festival. Visitors will be offered products of folk craftsmen from Russia and Cyprus: decorations, icons, toys, cosmetics, organic products, sweets, fruits, ice cream. For the youngest visitors will work an amusement park.

You can get acquainted with the program of the XIIIth Cyprus-Russia festival on the official site.

date: 2-3 июня 2017
Location: Лимассол, Муниципальный Парк
Free admission!

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