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Recruits of the National Guard of Cyprus, take the oath

Recruits of the National Guard of Cyprus, take the oath

July 20 2018 LJ cover – Новобранцы национальной гвардии Кипра принеси присягу
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18 July 2018 year in 18.30 Cypriot soldiers took the oath. The ceremony was held simultaneously in several training centers in Limassol, Paphos and Larnaca.

On the oath in Larnaka was attended by Defense Minister Savvas Angelidis, in Limassol and Paphos the events were visited by the Chief of the National Guard and his deputy.

In his address, the head of the National Guard, Lieutenant-General Elias Leontaris, said:

Military service is the constitutional duty of every citizen of Cyprus. However, it should be seen as a right and honor allowing the citizens of the country to defend their state and thereby ensure their country with high human goods, freedom and democracy

He noted that the work that recruits should perform is very important and requires a high level of awareness, dedication and faith in the mission. Greeting the recruits the lieutenant wished them health, as well as a pleasant and creative service.

Recruits of the National Guard of Cyprus, take the oath

Referring to the recruit in Limassol, who decided to join the army of Cyprus on a contract basis, the Commander-in-Chief stressed that for them it is not only a working relationship, but in a sense now a way of life.

A large number of high-ranking officials visited the ceremony. Among them: members of the parliamentary defense committee, deputies, religious and local authorities, as well as representatives of political parties and organizations, representatives of the administration of the National Guard, executive bodies, parents, relatives and friends of recruits.

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