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Delayed on the flight, the tourist was detained by the Paphos police

Delayed on the flight, the tourist was detained by the Paphos police

July 4 2018 LJ cover – Опоздавший на рейс турист задержан полицией Пафоса
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In the morning of Wednesday, 4 July, the Paphos police arrested a Ukrainian citizen for attempting to illegally enter the take-off field. As it turned out, a man 46 years late for the registration of the flight and, since the plane had not yet departed, he decided to go all-in and get on the plane, passing the airport - through the fence.

The delay was due to the fact that he had to return to the parking lot rented car. Earlier, he brought his family to the airport - a wife and two children. They were registered and got on the plane on time. When the man returned, having handed over the car, it was already late: the exit to the bus was closed, and it was not missed. In desperation, he decided to take the plane by storm, and, despite the obvious absurdity and danger of this act, climbed through the fence, but was detained by the police. He is currently under arrest. His family successfully flown to Poland.

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