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Paphos began to prepare for the emergence of skyscrapers

Paphos began to prepare for the emergence of skyscrapers

28 2018 June LJ cover – Пафос начал готовиться к появлению небоскрёбов
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To date, the authorities of Paphos have received ten applications for the construction of high-rise buildings and expect that this number will increase in the near future. This June 27 reported the mayor of the city Fedonas Fedonov at an event dedicated to the norms of high-rise buildings in urban areas.

Among the speakers were representatives of municipal and public services related to urban planning. According to the mayor, in the light of the lively public discussion that began around the construction of high-rise buildings in Cyprus, the task of the invited experts was to explain the new provisions of the law.

"In Paphos we want to do everything according to the mind. ... Our goal is to have a set of fair and transparent rules for everyone to put an end to rumors that have been going on for more than a decade: that people are divided into those who have access to classified information and all others, "said the mayor. Both developers and owners of the land should know to what type their real estate belongs, in which zone it is located, what its cost is, what it can do with it, etc.

The mayor also stressed the importance of public discussions of all issues related to the construction of high-rise buildings in order to find out whether there is a need for a particular building, what height it should be and in what area it should be located. According to Fedonos, universal criteria will be developed, for example, the size of the land used for building. "You can not build a skyscraper on a plot of 500 square. m ", - said the mayor.

The event was attended by the directors of Paphos construction companies, businessmen, representatives of local authorities and other organizations.

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