Today: March 22 2019
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Beach lifeguards Paphos on the alert

Beach lifeguards Paphos on the alert

24 2018 June LJ cover – Пляжные спасатели Пафоса начеку
Tags: Cyprus, Rescuers, Paphos, Sea, Incidents, Russians in Cyprus

On Saturday in Paphos, 11-year-old girl from Russia and 49-year-old woman from Ukraine were rescued. Both cases occurred at the Olympic Lagoon Hotel (formerly Amathus). The saved feel good.

The girl was on an inflatable lap. In the wind it was carried to the sea. The rescuer, who noticed the child in 150 meters from the shore, immediately went to the rescue and returned safely with the girl.

In another case, a woman floating in the sea was carried away from the shore by a strong current. She was noticed from the rescue tower, then hurried to the rescue. Rescued from hospitalization refused.

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