Today: 24 May 2019
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A teenager pleaded guilty to raping an old woman in Cyprus

A teenager pleaded guilty to raping an old woman in Cyprus

6 2018 June | A source: Russian Media Group
Tags: Cyprus, Nicosia, Court, Violence, Elderly, Youth

A seventeen-year-old, a Romanian citizen, broke into the house of 81-year-old resident of Nicosia and raped her. This happened in March this year. The woman was hospitalized with a fracture of the pelvic bone, and the rapist was detained hot on the trail. He is in custody.

At the previous hearing, the teenager pleaded guilty, but asked to take into account that he was under the influence of drugs, which, in his opinion, is a mitigating circumstance. He calls revenge as the motive for the crime: according to him, he met with the granddaughter of the victim, but the grandmother was against their relationship, and one day she kicked him out of her house.

The verdict will be announced on 11 June.

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