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Police of Cyprus staged a chase with shooting

Police of Cyprus staged a chase with shooting

4 2018 June LJ cover – Полиция Кипра устроила погоню со стрельбой
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Policemen in the village of Pyla had to use weapons to stop the car, whose driver refused to comply with their requirements. In 23: 30 Sundays, 3 June, patrolmen spotted a suspicious car on the Larnaca-Dhekelia road and decided to stop it for inspection. However, the driver ignored their signals and increased the speed.

As reported by Cyprus News Agency, during the chase there was a collision of two cars, while one of the guards of order was forced to open fire from the service weapon. At the wheel was 46-year-old foreigner. During the search, 10 grams of marijuana were found in the cabin. The driver was detained and will appear before the district court of Larnaka, which will determine the measure of restraint.

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