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Police of Cyprus detained a man who shot a robber

Police of Cyprus detained a man who shot a robber

12 2018 June LJ cover – Полиция Кипра задержала мужчину, стрелявшего в грабителя
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In 1: 20 on Tuesday night, June 12, the police received a report about penetration into the territory of private household in the village of Yolu (Paphos) and an attempt to steal animals. According to 45-year-old owner of the house, about one in the morning he noticed in the backyard of 27-year-old resident of another village, with whom he had previously disagreements.

The uninvited guest was at the enclosure with hunting dogs, whom he tried to steal. According to Cyprus News Agency, the owner of the house shot a thief from a hunting gun from a distance. The intruder disappeared from the scene of the crime. Police detained the gunman on charges of attempted murder and illegal possession of firearms. The Paphos District Court arrested him for six days.

27-year-old man was put on the wanted list for allegedly illegally entering private territory, attempting to steal someone else's property, illegally carrying weapons and attempting to hide an identity while committing an offense. At noon, he came with a lawyer to the Central Hospital of Paphos. The suspect in the attempt to steal dogs is easily wounded by a shot. He remains in the ward in the status of the detainee.

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