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Police of Cyprus detained a particularly dangerous criminal

Police of Cyprus detained a particularly dangerous criminal

24 May 2018 LJ cover – Полиция Кипра задержала особо опасного преступника
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In Paphos, 45-year-old Yilmaz Gumush, detained in London for three life sentences, was detained. In 2015, an especially dangerous criminal escaped from a Turkish prison. 1 May 2018, he was detained by police in northern Cyprus, where he lived three years under a false name. 8 May Gumush complained of poor health and was taken to the hospital of Kerinia, where he fled.

With the help of two accomplices, he crossed the Green Line and found himself on the territory of the Republic of Cyprus. According to Reporter, the perpetrator was discovered and detained in Paphos on 23 May. He will be charged with using fake documents and illegally entering the territory of the Republic of Cyprus. Later it will be handed over with the help of UN peacekeepers to the Turkish Cypriot police.

In October 2003 in a fit of jealousy Gumush poured gasoline and set fire to the apartment door in London, where his girlfriend Monika Pavlovska used to live. After the pair broke up, Monica moved, but Gumush did not know this. Burned 25-year-old woman and two men 28 and 32 years. The court sentenced the arsonist to three life sentences. In 2005, he asked for transfer to prison in Turkey, where later 10 ran ...

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