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Police of Cyprus stated that information about the "White widow" should not cause concern

Police of Cyprus stated that information about the "White widow" should not cause concern

July 17 2018 LJ cover – Полиция Кипра заявила, что информация о «Белой вдове», не должна вызывать беспокойства
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Police of the Republic of Cyprus reacted to publications in the British press that the resorts of the island may be attacked by a terrorist group led by the White Widow. Reports of this have been reprinted by Phileleftheros, SigmaLive and The Cyprus Mail.

Cyprus, according to the publication of the British tabloid The Daily Star, is included in the list of potential targets for this summer, - reported Cyprus News Agency on Monday. - [The author] of the article refers to information from the British security service, obtained on the basis of analysis of encrypted emails, telephone conversations and information from foreign intelligence services.

It's about Samantha Luituite, nicknamed "The White Widow," who is one of the most wanted terrorists in the world. According to The Daily Star, she is recruiting a group of women to strike at the sea resorts of Europe. The list of possible places of attack of the "White Widow" is the United Kingdom, Spain, Turkey, Greece and Cyprus.

It is worth noting that often the publication of The Daily Star is designed for a sensation. And the data cited by the publication does not find evidence in other sources, - warned Cyprus News Agency.

The police of the Republic of Cyprus responded to publications in the British press.

The police [of Cyprus], in cooperation with [colleagues] from other countries and international organizations, carefully examined the data in yesterday's publication on The Mail Online on the British daily The Daily Mail *. The results of [the investigation] indicate that [these data] are not credible. There is no reason to worry, - says the website of the Cypriot police.

* The publication was in The Daily Star, not in The Daily Mail.

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