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Political refugees in Cyprus are not sweet

Political refugees in Cyprus are not sweet

August 22 2018 LJ cover – Политическим беженцам на Кипре приходится не сладко
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The non-governmental organization Cyprus Stop Trafficking, which opposes human trafficking in Cyprus, appealed in an open letter to the president and the government with an appeal to introduce an adequate scale of benefits for applicants for the status of political refugees. In her opinion, 320 euro per month is not enough to maintain a decent standard of living.

Of 320 euro 100 transferred to the account of the owner of the immigrated property, 150 are issued in the form of coupons, which should be spent on food and clothing, and the remaining 70 - cash (they are spent for personal needs, hygiene products, etc.).

Recall that poor foreigners, permanently (and legally) residing in Cyprus for at least five years, are entitled to a guaranteed minimum income of 480 euros per month. The same number of poor Cypriots receive.

According to the head of the non-governmental organization Andrulla Christofidou-Henriquez, the norms adopted in 2013 concerning the payment of benefits to candidates for political status are "completely inadequate."

We are tired of looking for apartments whose rent costs in 200 euros to accommodate a family with three children, to buy children's clothes, to help with paying rent for housing and utility bills, "Cyprus Stop Trafficking said in an open letter.

Those who can not find housing for 100 euros a month, spend the night in the municipal parks of Nicosia, reports The Cyprus Mail.

Another non-governmental organization sent a letter to the head of the parliamentary committee for human rights Stella Kyriakidu, urging the deputies to urgently review the current rules and amend them accordingly.

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