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The Russian Embassy commented on the incident in Limassol

The Russian Embassy commented on the incident in Limassol

August 10 2018 LJ cover – Посольство России прокомментировало происшествие в Лимассоле
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The Russian Embassy in Cyprus was told the details of the incident with a local resident who was trying to break through to the territory of the honorary consulate of the Russian Federation in Limassol. Official statement опубликовано on the website of the Russian Embassy.

«7 августа около 13.00 44-летний гражданин Республики Кипр намеренно врезался на автомобиле в ограду почетного консульства Российской Федерации в г.Лимасол, после чего пытался ворваться в здание, разбив стекло входной двери. Силами сотрудников почетного консульства и оперативно подоспевшей полиции он был обезврежен. Пострадавших в результате данного инцидента нет, зданию нанесен незначительный ущерб. Посольство Российской Федерации находится в плотном контакте с местными правоохранительными органами, расследующими все обстоятельства данного дела. Кипрская полиция не квалифицирует его в качестве теракта.

According to available information, the Cypriot suffers from a mental disorder and is registered with an appropriate Cypriot medical institution. Judging by the preliminary conclusion of the doctors, at the time of the commission of the crime he was in a deranged state.

According to eyewitnesses of the incident, the attacker during an attempt to enter the building of the honorary consulate shouted that he was being pursued by unnamed special services and requested political asylum in Russia. It is noteworthy that a number of Cypriot media, not having understood the situation, published that he allegedly claimed that he was the target of the "Russian special services" and even the "KGB", who also "plan to kill him". And if one doubts the existence of logic in a mentally unstable person, it is still possible (it would be strange to ask for political asylum in the country, whose "agents" are "persecuted"), then it is difficult to understand the logic of quite sensible journalists. Most likely, we are talking here about the example of the inertia of thinking from the series "heard the ringing, but do not know where it is" against the backdrop of unprecedented anti-Russian hysteria deployed in the West", The statement says.

Recall, that the situation occurred on 7 August. 44-year-old man crashed into a car in the fence of the honorary consulate, then tried to break into the building, breaking the glass of the front door.

Eyewitnesses say that the man, trying to enter the building of the consulate, shouted that he was being pursued by special services, and asked for political asylum in Russia.

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