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Will air conditioners appear in schools in Cyprus?

Will air conditioners appear in schools in Cyprus?

12 2018 June LJ cover – Появятся ли кондиционеры в школах Кипра?
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The Ministry of Education of Cyprus believes that air conditioners are not needed during the summer months and at critical hours, as schools are closed at this time. Also, air conditioners can be hazardous to the health of students, as there is a sharp temperature drop.

The All-Cyprus Teachers' Organization sent an urgent letter to the Ministry of Education in order to organize a meeting of the representatives of the organization and the minister. Teachers want to discuss the situation that has arisen with the installation of air conditioners in Cypriot schools. Also 20 June will be a regular government meeting, at which the Committee on Health and Safety plans to raise this issue.

To date, the issue of installing air conditioning in schools can not be solved in any way. According to the technical director Andreas Marangas, in summer all schools are closed. In addition, in the period from 15: 00 to 16: 00, when the heat level reaches the maximum level, the children are no longer in the room. But most importantly, the fact that with the availability of air conditioners in the classrooms, children will undergo a severe temperature drop. Entering the cool class after 40 degree heat, they can seriously get sick.

There are also technical difficulties with the installation. Electricity in schools can not cover the use of air conditioners. Plus, the cost of buying air conditioners, as well as the costs of their operation are too high. According to Marangas, the government encourages passive protection of school premises.

For his part, the president of the All-Cyprus Teachers Organization, Filios Filaktou, noted that in the classrooms the temperature is 35 degrees, and in the courtyard there are not enough shady places where children could be engaged. In addition, a study by Harvard University showed that as the temperature increases, the effectiveness of training decreases.

Elena Savchenko
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