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Sales of cars in Cyprus beat records

Sales of cars in Cyprus beat records

August 9 2018 LJ cover – Продажи автомобилей на Кипре бьют рекорды
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For the first seven months of 2018, Cyprus auto dealers sold the largest number of machines since 2008, with a growth in demand in the segment of both new and used cars.

According to the Statistical Service of Cyprus CyStat from January to July was registered 25 351 passenger car against 21 351 a year earlier, that is, 17,8% more. This is the biggest value since 2008 year, when sales in the corresponding period amounted to 32 425 auto.

According to the representative of Cyprus's largest auto importer Pilakoutas, Yorgos Russos, in the interview to the business portal StockWatch, there is a stable growth in demand on the market due to the availability of new models of cars and their sale at special prices.

Of the total number of passenger cars registered since the beginning of the year 8 910 or 35,4% - new and 16 247 (64,6%) - second-hand. The growth in these categories for the first seven months of this year was 2,7% and 28,1%, respectively. Among the new cars the greatest demand is for crossovers.

In total for the first seven months of 2018 year, 30 373 vehicles were bought, which is 17,3% more than in the same period of 2017.

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