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The Russian oligarch will change the image of Larnaka

The Russian oligarch will change the image of Larnaka

July 11 2018 LJ cover – Российский олигарх изменит облик Ларнаки
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The era of skyscrapers captured Limassol, and then the whole of Cyprus, and Larnaca was no exception. Russian oligarch Nikolai Potapenko negotiates with the mayor about the construction of the Finikoudes embankment.

The project of two skyscrapers called LarnakaTower has been discussed for four years by the Russian investor Nikolai Potapenko and the municipality of Larnaca.

As a result of recent negotiations, construction will be given green light no later than the end of July. It is planned that, with a positive response from the mayor's office, the construction of the first high-rise will begin in April 2019, and all the work will be delayed no longer than at 2,5. Although with the Cypriot deliberation this term seems almost fantastic.

One of the skyscrapers will be a five-star hotel with a hundred rooms

As expected, the hotel will have two restaurants, swimming pools, a spa and underground parking. The place for the future hotel has already been bought - this is the territory of the current mini-park of attractions.

The second skyscraper will become a container of apartments and offices

It is located next to the hotel, on the site of the Hobos restaurant. Nikolay Potapenko announced that the cost of the apartments will fluctuate from 200 thousand to 1 million euros. The Cypriots and foreigners are already interested in buying apartments in a brand new skyscraper - especially the Lebanese, the Chinese, the Israelis and, of course, the Russians.

Complex LarnakaTower will change the face of Larnaka. In addition, the city can be filled with foreign investors - now Larnaka is not very popular among foreign businessmen. So the changes can have a very positive impact on the business life of the whole city.

Irina Zholnirova
Cyprus Butterfly
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