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From Cyprus beaches steal sand

From Cyprus beaches steal sand

13 2018 June LJ cover – С кипрских пляжей воруют песок
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Interior Minister Konstantinos Petrides said that the police will allocate additional forces to combat sand plunderers from beaches.

Police patrols guarding the shoreline are appointed annually, depending on the needs of municipalities. For today, the safety of sand is monitored by 7 people: one each in Nicosia, Larnaca and Famagusta, 2 in Limassol and 4 in Paphos. In view of the increased cases of loss of sand, the number of patrols will be increased to 10.

The duty of the patrol is to inform the district police officers of any violations of the law on the protection of beaches. Their powers include the detention and verification of any vehicle for the presence of illegally exported sand.

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