Today: March 26 2019
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Serious road accident on the road near Nicosia

Serious road accident on the road near Nicosia

9 2018 June LJ cover – Серьезное ДТП на трассе под Никосией
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In 6: 20 on the highway Limassol - Nicosia near the village of Cotsiatis an open van and a car collided.

According to the Cyprus Times, there were six people in a passenger car, two of whom were trapped in metal. After the arrival of the rescuers, they were removed from the car and hospitalized in the Central Hospital of Nicosia in serious condition. All the other participants in the accident (two in the van and four in the car) got off lightly. Because of the accident, the expressway was blocked (towards Nicosia) until nine in the morning. The traffic flow was redirected to the old road.

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