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Demolition of dilapidated housing on the embankment of Limassol

Demolition of dilapidated housing on the embankment of Limassol

29 2018 June LJ cover – Снос ветхого жилья на набережной Лимассола
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Throughout the district, many small buildings have already been demolished, on the site of which expensive high-rise buildings are being built, but so far this has concerned the inner quarters of Neapolis.

Well known for its neighborhood with Debenhams Olympia house, which once housed the Bank of Cyprus, and now - no less well known to thrifty buyers "Bulgarian" store Angelos Ekonomides, next year will be demolished. The owners of the apartments have already been notified of this, and some tenants, especially those close to the course of events. In the rest, this news is trying not to advertise, because by autumn the process of renewing lease contracts will begin. The prospect of an early congress is in clear contradiction with the attempt to raise the price :)

The house, once a prestigious residence of wealthy foreigners and successful Cypriots, like many similar ones that repeated his fate, gradually came to a state close to the emergency. It is possible that he would have stood still for ten years, but the construction on his right and left of his residential and office towers, left him no chance. New construction in its place, of course, will be much more profitable than the current situation with tenants, to put it mildly, not always looking "prestigious".

So, now we see the beginning of the process, when the familiar look of the coastline of Limassol will change completely and radically.

Dmitry Vinitsky
Cyprus Butterfly
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