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Limassol dogs and "green" are indignant because of the ban on dog walking

Limassol dogs and "green" are indignant because of the ban on dog walking

August 28 2018 LJ cover – Собачники Лимассола и «зеленые» негодуют из-за запрета выгула собак
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On the Internet, the collection is under way signatures for the abolition of the ban on the walking of dogs on the Embankment of Molos in Limassol. Also the Party for the Protection of Animals submitted an indignant letter to the city administration.

Recall that a few days ago the municipality of Limassol took a decision: ban owners to walk their dogs on the well-equipped waterfront Molos. This was motivated by the fact that the embankment is the "face" of the city, and it should preserve maximum purity and order. Mayor Nikos Nikolaides has already managed to patrol a public place for walking dogs - those who violate the decree are waiting for a fine.

However, this decision of the municipality has angered animal lovers. They urgently drafted a petition and now collect online signatures to send a document to the City Council of Limassol.

The petition reads as follows:

We demand an immediate cancellation of the decision of the municipality of Limassol! "European" Limassol is under the presidency of Nikos Anastasiadis, who promised to protect the rights of animals and ensure their well-being. But the ban on the walking of dogs does not fit into the promise, while in other European cities four-legged animals can walk freely in any place.

The petition notes that in many European countries dogs are allowed to be transported by transport and take them with them to public places, while everywhere there is cleanliness. The fighters for animal rights stressed: it's not the dogs that are to blame, but their owners who do not clean up their animals. Thus, it is necessary to introduce not bans on the walking, but fines for negligent dogs, who leave behind their pets uncleared excrement.

As the mayor of Limassol will react to this demand, it is still unknown. But under the influence of the Party for the Protection of Animals, the abolition of the ban is very likely.

Irina Solntseva
Cyprus Butterfly
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