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"Rescue" modernization of Cyprus

"Rescue" modernization of Cyprus

31 May 2018 LJ cover – «Спасательная» модернизация Кипра
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Cypriot Interior Minister Konstantinos Petridis on Tuesday unveiled a new national security plan on the beaches of the island. He plans to launch this summer.

The strategy worth 3 million euros was called "Salamis". The plan clearly defines the duties and responsibilities of rescuers, details the requirements for their qualifications and the length of the working day.

Asked how the Cypriot rescuers worked so far, the minister replied that, in view of the fact that more than 15 million vacationers visit the island each year, the new system is designed to eliminate the existing numerous shortcomings.

The plan, compiled on a holistic scientific basis, taking into account the best practices existing in other countries, covers 85 beaches on which life-saving towers will be built according to international standards. The patrols will be equipped with search and rescue boats and special equipment, a detailed list of which each rescue station should have.

The towers, designed for two rescuers, will be located every 250 meters, the lifetime of the Lifgards - from 7 in the morning to 7 pm.

To implement the plan, the Cabinet has previously approved a set of 265 rescuers for short-term contracts. 123 of them will be assigned to Pafos, 78 will work in Limassol and 64 in Larnaca. The city beaches of Paralimni, Sotira and Ayia Napa will serve the municipality of Famagusta. Another 36 rescuers will patrol zones of airports and nearby beaches for quick response in the event of an air crash.

For today on the beaches of Cyprus there are only 164 rescuers, who are hired by the authorities for seasonal contracts with a maximum duration of 11 months.

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