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Saving the snake to all Cyprus

Saving the snake to all Cyprus

27 2018 June LJ cover – Спасение змеи всем Кипром
Tags: Cyprus, Snakes, Police, Firefighters, Animals

An unpleasant incident occurred in Pirga - a village near Larnaka. The other day a snake got stuck in an empty pool in one of the houses. When the snake was seen, the citizens immediately called the fire department and the police, but all of the above emergency services refused to take up the case of releasing the reptile, without possible damage to it.

After several days of trying to free the snake, one citizen turned to the Cypriot Protectors' Party, who reacted to the call immediately. With the help of the party, a herpetologist was found, which helped the poor reptile to escape from the trap.

This event has shown that the police and other services often do not want to take part in any unexpected and dangerous actions. A person does not realize that responsibility is in his hands - in this case it was a matter of preserving the fauna of Cyprus. As you know, there are fines for killing snakes on the island.

Video with a live reptile and a call for a better attitude to "our younger brothers" ...

Andrey Leonov
Cyprus Butterfly
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