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The cost of gasoline in Cyprus increased by 4 percent

The cost of gasoline in Cyprus increased by 4 percent

2 2018 June | A source: VC
Tags: Cyprus, Gasoline, Transport, Economics, Statistics

Over the past few weeks, the price of fuel in Cyprus has increased significantly. The Consumers Association of Cyprus informed 1 June that during the period from 9 on 31 May of this year, the prices for AI-95 gasoline and diesel fuel increased by more than 4%.

For three weeks, the price for 1 liter AI-95 increased by 0,058 euro from 1,275 euro per liter to 1,346 euro per liter, which means an increase of 4,54%. The diesel prices, which traditionally reflect the trends of the international oil and gas market, increased by 4,26%, or by 0,055 euro, reaching the level of 1,346 euro per liter.

It is noted that fuel in Nicosia - the cheapest, in Paphos, on the contrary, for a liter of gasoline will have to pay significantly more.

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