Today: April 23 2019
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Customs is guarding the honor and dignity of Cypriot cheese

Customs is guarding the honor and dignity of Cypriot cheese

29 2018 June LJ cover – Таможня стоит на страже чести и достоинства кипрского сыра
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Yesterday, employees of the Ayios Dometios customs station detained a Cypriot of Turkish origin who attempted to enter the territory of the Republic of Cyprus from the north, carrying 55 kg of hullumi cheese and 9 kg anari.

The villain was arrested and his car confiscated.

After paying a heavy penalty in 500 euro the attacker was released, and his car he received back, paying another 300 euro.

Precious cheesemaking same, was ruthlessly destroyed by valorous customs officers. In what way, the source does not specify.

Recall that the importation into the EU of meat and dairy products from non-European countries (which is the unrecognized Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus) is strictly prohibited.

Lisa Storm
Cyprus Butterfly
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